Why Choose Horizon Medical Center?​

For Long-Term Acute CareFor Spine ProceduresFor Orthopedic ProceduresFor Wound CareFor Pain ProceduresFor PodiatryFor Carpal TunnelHand ProceduresElbow ProcedureShoulder ProcedureHyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

In addition to our Joint Commission accreditation and our unwavering commitment to providing superior patient care, we pride ourselves on the following: 

  • Compassionate, caring personnel.
  • Small facility allows for more intimate patient care.
  • 99.8% current patient satisfaction score.
  • Rated higher than the CMS national average on effective care & improving patient functional abilities.
  • Onsite inpatient pharmacy.

Horizon Medical Center Specialties

Horizon Medical Center is an acute and long-term acute hospital located in Denton, Texas.  We offer both LTAC and Acute Care services.  We provide outpatient surgical services, wound care, therapeutic services, and much more.

We have a highly engaged and loyal surgeon partnership within the Denton physician community. Because of our high patient and physician satisfaction, coupled with our impeccable quality and safety outcomes, our physicians count on Horizon Medical Center to deliver excellent care to their patients.

Long-Term Acute Care

We provide complex care for an extended period of time on a variety of conditions. Horizon Medical Center and it's physician partners can take care of all of your long-term care needs

Wound Care

We treat all wounds, but specialize in those that are slow or difficult to heal. Our team approach provides you with aggressive treatment for complex wound conditions

Surgery Centers

The Horizon Surgery Centers are located throughout DFW, in Richardson, Uptown and Coppell. The Surgery Centers can meet your surgical needs

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Our innovative Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments treat a variety of conditions, from diabetic foot ulcers to Osteoradionecrosis

Long term Acute Care


Horizon Medical Center is a leading provider in Dallas, Texas. Our hospital specializes in providing complex care for extended periods. And, we are one of the best facilities in the area for meeting patients’ extended stay needs. We offer a caring atmosphere where family involvement is supported and visitation is encouraged. By offering a smaller, personalized environment we can focus on providing the highest level of care while maintaining access to the resources of a full-service hospital.

Some of the medical conditions treated include: ventilator weaning, respiratory failure, chronic non-healing wounds, complicated infections, surgical complications, cardiac complications, nutritional management, dialysis, IV antibiotic therapy, closed-head injury, rehabilitation with complications, physical, occupational and speech therapies, and other medically complex patients.​

surgery centers

Our Surgery Center offer the highest quality of care in a warm, personalized environment. We specialize in outpatient surgery that enables us to devote more individual time and attention to you. We are fully certified and licensed by both state of Texas and Federal Medicare program.

Wound care

wound care & Hyperaric thearapy

The Horizon Medical Center Outpatient Wound Care Clinic & Hyperbaric Therapy specializes in the treatment of wounds to help prevent infection and to speed up the body’s healing process. Our team, treatments and technology enable us to more effectively treat a variety of wound conditions:

Wound care conditions and treatments

Advanced Wound Treatments

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (wound vacs)
Multilayer Compression Wraps
UNNA Boots
Total Contact Casts for foot wounds

Types of Wounds Treated

Pressure Ulcers
Diabetic Foot Ulcers Venous Leg Ulcers Arterial Wounds Neuropathic Wounds Surgical wounds Non-healing chronic wounds Wounds related to Lymphedema

Hyperbaric Oxygen Conditions Treated

Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Wagner Grade 3 Refractory Osteomyelitis Osteoradionecrosis Preparation/Preservation of Compromised Flap/Graft

our Wound care procedures

• Bedside excisional wound debridements that may extend to tissue/tendon/muscle/bone
• Biopsies of skin/tissue or lesions
• Deep tissue or bone cultures
• Bone specimen collection for pathology
• Incision and Drainage of affected area
• Graft Application for wound healing
• Tendon Release for toe wounds
• Removal of drains, staples or sutures
• Wound Suturing
• Nail Avulsion (removal)